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PMT and period pains

Many women suffer with pre-menstrual tension (PMT) and/or with pain around the time of their periods. Whether your symptoms are mild or more serious, homeopathic remedies can really help ease pre-menstrual symptoms and period pain naturally.

As always, the key to choosing the most effective remedy is in matching your characteristic symptoms to those that most similar to the symptoms that are characteristic to the remedy. Sometimes this is more difficult and you might have to try a few remedies to get the right one. But don't worry - there is never a bad effect from taking the 'wrong' remedy.

Potency and Dosage

Start off with a 30c or 200c potency. If the symptoms are severe then you may need to take the remedy frequently at first (every 15 minutes) to achieve relief. If this is the case, stir a couple of pills of the remedy into a small glass of water and the water can be sipped, each sip serving as one dose. Otherwise, put one pill under your tongue whenever you feel you need a dose. If there is no improvement after an hour or so, then this is not the right remedy and it is time to try another one.

Always stop taking the remedy when you feel significant improvement and only start taking it again if symptoms get worse. As with any medical condition, consult with your physician if you have any concerns about the severity of your condition as it may first require medical diagnosis and/or intervention and monitoring.


Here are some remedies that are often indicated for PMT and period pain. Look at each remedy 'picture' to decide which one most closely matches your symptoms and start with that remedy:


A woman needing this homeopathic remedy will generally feel throbbing pains that can be worse on the right side. The cramping often comes on very suddenly and violently. There can be a sensation of fullness in the uterus as well. The flow is often profuse, bright red and at times, gushing. Motion of any kind will exacerbate the pain.

Cactus Grandifolia

Someone needing this homeopathic remedy suffers with extremely painful cramps – the cramps feel as though there is a tight, gripping band across the abdomen. In some cases, your patient will actually cry out with pain. The flow tends to be clotted - with pain as each clot is passed. There may also be throbbing pain near the ovary.


A woman needing this homeopathic remedy will experience intense, labor-like pain with the flow. The pain can be felt extending down the inner thighs. The flow itself is often profuse, dark and clotted with occasional gushing of bright red blood. Patients needing this remedy are often hypersensitive to pain and exceptionally irritable and cranky. They often feel better from rocking and from cold applications and worse while lying in bed.


Cramping and pain that get worse as the flow increases, back and neck pain with muscle tension, and sharp pains like shocks that shoot upward, down the thighs, or across the pelvis, are all indications for this remedy. Pain may be relieved by bending double or applying pressure (compare with Colocynthis). The woman is likely to be nervous, enthusiastic, and talkative by nature, yet feel gloom and fearful when unwell.


Someone needing this homeopathic remedy will experience cramping that is relieved by bending double or by putting hard pressure on the painful area (this is a keynote for this remedy). The pain may be so intense that they vomit. The pain may also make the person irritable and cranky. They are often worse from anger and from lying on the painless side (better from pressure).

Magnesia Phosphorica

Many women find this remedy helpful - if they have cramping pain that is particularly relieved by heat (perhaps the key to this remedy) – and to a lesser degree pressure. Most of the painful cramping occurs before the onset of menses – with relief coming with the flow. The flow is often dark in colour. Hot baths typically bring relief.

Nux Vomica

Someone needing this homeopathic remedy is irritable, impatient, easily offended and chilly (this last point being perhaps more pronounced with the pain). The cramping can at times extend over the whole body and they may also feel an urge for a bowel movement with each painful cramp. The flow is typically early, profuse and lasts too long.

Pulsatilla Women needing this remedy often have delayed or suppressed menstrual flow accompanied by nausea or faintness. Getting too warm or being in a stuffy room make things worse. There is cramping pain with a bearing-down feeling in the lower abdomen, either with scanty flow or thick, dark, clotted discharge, can also occur—symptoms that are changeable often point to Pulsatilla. Pains may be better for heat. The woman's moods are changeable as well; there may be irritability at one time and emotional sensitivity (with tears) at another. There is a desire for sympathy and the person feels better for consolation. This remedy is indicated during many conditions involving hormonal changes and is often helpful to girls who have recently started having periods.

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