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Cat fights! Homeopathy for bites and scratches in animals

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Patrick, one of our cats, came in one night last week with an injured and bleeding paw. He’d clearly come off badly in a fight with another cat and was feeling very sorry for himself. It seemed like the fight had only just happened so the first remedy I gave him was Ledum 30c. Sometimes called the ‘homeopathic tetanus’ Ledum is a fantastic remedy for any puncture wound and will help guard against infection from what was sure to be a dirty wound (cat bites are prone to infection). Because the toes and feet are nerve-rich areas, injuries to these parts can be extremely painful – Hypericum is the remedy needed here and I administered this in 200c potency 10 minutes after the Ledum and every 30 minutes for another 3 doses. In between I also gave him Arnica 30c – great for shock and also (like Ledum) for guarding against infection in any kind of injury. By the time we went to bed Patrick was looking a lot chirpier and had eaten some supper and had a pee! Of course, I took him to get checked over by the vet in the morning and to make sure there were no injuries that we’d missed. The paw wasn’t swollen at all despite a nasty bite wound, he wasn’t licking it constantly so didn’t need a neck collar. Nor did he need antibiotics! A week later he’s completely back to normal.

All of the remedies listed here can be used on similar injuries with humans!

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