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Wasp stings in the Autumn

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Remedies for stings and bites.

I love the move from the end of summer into Autumn but the 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' also brings with it an increased chance of getting stung by a wasp! The poor old worker wasps' main task of feeding larvae is over and so they are getting drunk on all the ripe fruit lying around. As the temperatures drop they also get quite sleepy and are more likely to bump into things, including people. Unlike bees, wasps can retract their sting and so may sting a person multiple times. So, how can homeopathy help?...

Ledum is the first remedy to use in the case of any kind of puncture wound, which is, after all, what a sting, or any insect bite is. Sometimes Ledum is enough to calm the whole thing down and no other remedy is needed! Think of Apis for any bad reaction to a bite or sting where you get a shiny, swollen, red lump that itches or burns or stings and is better for cold applications. Hypericum is useful for stings or bites in nerve-rich areas (fingers, toes, eyes, lips). The pains are intense and often shooting or tearing up the nerve pathways.

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