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Children and bedwetting

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Bedwetting (eneuresis) is common in young children and gradually goes away altogether as they get older – usually by the time they are 6 years old. But for some it takes longer to become dry at night and there are a variety of possible physical reasons for this. For some, the nerves attached to the bladder may not be fully developed yet, so they don’t send a strong enough signal to the brain. Younger children in particular may be very deep sleepers and their brain doesn’t respond to signals sent from their bladder, so they don’t wake up. The problem might be because the child has a small bladder which cannot hold a lot of wee, or that he or she drinks a lot of liquid before bedtime.

Bedwetting can also be brought on by emotional stress such as moving house or other big changes like the arrival of a new sibling or parents splitting up, being bullied, problems at school, or grief. Childhood fears, such as being scared of the dark, may play a part in bedwetting – the child wakes up with a full bladder but is too frightened to go to the toilet.

Seek professional help if there is: • Pain on urination • Pain in the tummy or lower back • Fever • Blood in the urine • Increased thirst • Increased urination

Causticum Child wets the bed in the first part of the night, soon after falling asleep. May be whiny and fearful of going to bed alone for fear of the dark and that something bad will happen.

Equisetum Consider this remedy if there seems to be no obvious reason for the bedwetting and common-sense measures haven’t helped. Child has nightmares and wild dreams; dreams of urinating; dreams of crowds. Best given in a low potency (6 or 12c)

Ferrum Phos This is a good remedy for children who wet themselves during the day. They have a strong urge to urinate when they’re standing up, but this is much less urgent when they lie down.

Kreosotum These are usually very deep sleepers, who, if they do wake up, don’t have time to get to the loo. They may have dreams of urinating.

Pulsatilla These are timid, sweet and affectionate children who are clingy with their parents. They prefer the open air and dislike the heat. The urge to urinate may be worse when lying on their back.

Sepia The child wets the bed in the early part of sleep or the early evening. If you can help her to avoid this until 10pm it’s probable that she will stay dry through the night.

Potency and Repetition Give one dose of 30c of the indicated remedy every 12 hours for 3 doses – then wait and watch what happens over the next 2 weeks. If there is an improvement at first but then the same symptoms come back, repeat the course of treatment one more time. If there is no change or another relapse, then seek the help of a professional homeopath.

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